Saturday, 28 January 2012

DAM_N Lost In Transformation. Portfolio Paper Work

This publication illustrates the paper representation of the digital film exploration of light, light conditions in space and time. The portfolio is part of the first semester of third final year of RIBA Part 1. The studies of the film are set in Jean Nouvel's sophisticated shopping centre in central London - One New Change.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

After Cesar Manrique's Steps in Lanzarote - Cesar Manrique's Foundation

he students from Oxford School of Architecture were invited to visit the beautiful foundation which is the actual house of Cesar Manrique. The house is a beautiful representation of Manrique's perceptions. It is a semi-underground space with extremely wide 'breathing' area. The interior is just adorable. We had the chance to see the most private part of his house which is the bathroom. He used to be a great lover and that is proved by the photographs we all saw in his residence.

After Cesar Manrique's Steps in Lanzarote - Restaurante El Diablo

The government of Lanzarote agreed with Cesar Manrique's suggestion that the wild volcanic landscape around the Timanfaya should be protected, and obtained support for this form Madrid. In August 1974, the Ministry of Agriculture issued a decree designating the area as a National Park.
Manrique had already designed Restaurante El Diablo and built it in 1970, on the Islote del Hilario, the spot where the underground temperature is highest.

After Cesar Manrique's Steps in Lanzarote - Jameos Del Agua

In the north of Lanzarote, in the foot of the volcano Monte Corona, which erupted around 3000 years ago, begins one of the most interesting systems of underground passages and caves in the entire world. It winds its way down to the sea over six kilometres, continuing at the seabed at an average depth of fifty metres, across to the Roque del Este, the peak of volcano rising from the seabed.
"Jameo" means hollow, bowl, burst, volcanic bubble. A jameo is formed whjen a tunnel ceiling collapses, which most often occurs when the width of the tunnel exceeds twenty metres.

After Cesar Manrique's Steps in Lanzarote - Mirador Del Rio

Mirador Del Rio is on the North cape of Lanzarote and it is 479m high. It towers over the island lying to the north like an eagle's nest, with a stupendous view across to Graciosa, Montana Clara and Alegranza. The beautiful building is a fabulous example of how the architect tried to avoid massive structures but use the natural qualities for designing a beautiful space.