Thursday, 29 July 2010

Reflection Story of a WC

This is a toilet next to a glass building where I took this series.

Church of St. George - rotonde

Red brick church built by the Romans in 4th century CE. This is the oldest building in Sofia, Bulgaria. The situation is like a shelter because from all sides it is surrounded by buildings like the Presidency, Sheraton Hotel and others.

The snail

This strange and probably for many of you unbelievable building is not a nursery school as many of us expected. It is a normal living house for an architect which is located in Simeonovo, a neighbourhood in Sofia. All the walls of the building are irregular, the regular shapes are not allowed.

The picture is taken by a car.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


All the interesting reflections that attracted me somehow:

On the road

Valencia - Oceanographic museum

Reflection in a door

Reflection in a door 2


Reichstag - Sunset

Sunglasses stand at Heathrow, Terminal 5

J&B ball

Barcelona - Mare Mall

Friday, 23 July 2010

Archi Look @ London

Millenium Bridge

The Gherkin - detail

The Gherkin in context

Lloyds building - R. Rogers

House of the Parliament

King's Cross

Vertical Garden - Piccadilly Str.

Buckingham Palace - Detail

The Household Cavaliry Museum Enterprises

Odeon - Leicester Square

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Everyday Matters

Everyday Matters was called the first project at Oxford Brookes University - First year. All of us as future architects had to propose an idea about several different topics like smell, ownership, safety, atmosphere and noise. It was a 'live' project and the council of Oxford invested in it 20 000 pounds. We had to improve a small place in Jericho - a neighborhood in Oxford. We all were divided by groups and the topic of my group was safety. We decided to remove the existing staircase from the building because it was going into the building. We proposed to put it next to it and the place where it used to be to become a storage. The staircase space was neglected and really tiny which represented discomfort. Also, we proposed 'Brass Corner' which actually was the name of our project. This corner was for putting bicycles on it. Here is the sun machine testing of the brass prototypes, a model of the whole proposal and the final collage which we showed to the people of the Oxford council.

Sun machine testing

The model of Mount Place - the site

Page of my portfolio

A page from my portfolio

Collage 'Brass Corner'

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Archi Look @ Cardiff

My first field trip as an architecture student was to Cardiff. Here are pictures of the buildings that most impressed me. Enjoy them through my eyes.

Cardiff - old port

Millennium Stadium in context

Millennium Stadium - Popolous architects

Central Library - BDP architects

Central Library - interior

Senate House interior

Senate House - R. Rogers architects

Visitors Centre - Cardiff Bay

Senate House - Richard Rogers

Wales Millennium Centre - Percy Thomas Partnership architects